The bathroom in (almost) all its glory

No aspect of the renovated basement gives me greater pleasure than the bathroom.

Bathroom sinkExcept for the last few touches (lighting, decoration), the bathroom is complete, and we’ve been using it daily. (The sconce lights on either side of the sink are temporary Home Depot cheapos – more glamorous and decor-appropriate sconces will be replacing them once the electrical inspection is done.)

ShowerIt’s truly a huge bathroom for a house of this size. I think I was overcompensating for the somewhat narrow and cramped upstairs bathroom.

BathtubThe Art Deco style of the black and white tile is deeply satisfying. Of course, the reality of having to keep all that tile clean hasn’t sunk in yet. A great deal of black cat hair seems to be accumulating…

ToiletRight now, the only accent colour is the paint (Benjamin Moore Spring Mint). I think it needs a touch of something else – maybe in the wall art. Details, details…

I’m not sure what the best part of the bathroom is. The shower? The tub? Or could it be…

Heated tile floor… the heated floor?

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2 Responses to The bathroom in (almost) all its glory

  1. Leanne says:

    Your bathroom looks stunning, and it t turned out great! It is so refreshing when I see bathrooms like yours created without the way over used & boring beige granite/ tan travertine scheme that seems to pervade home improvement TV shows, magazines, and stores over the last 10 years. Your bathroom ended up with timeless character.

    I like the black skyscrapper/ wedding cake shaped lights over your tub; I have the same ones from Rejuvenation, too.

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