Rec room/guest room

We’ve finally got the main area of the basement set up in comfort and style.

Basement rec roomWhat took so long? Finding the right couch. We needed a couch that:

  • Could seat two people comfortably for TV watching
  • Was not too long for the width of the room (7 feet or less, end to end)
  • Could convert into a double bed for guests
  • Comes apart so it could be carried down the narrow basement stairs
  • Was not outrageously expensive like the ones at the fancy condo furniture shops on Queen St. and King St. West

And Ikea let us down! All their sofabeds were too long for the width of the basement. At The Bay, we found a really nice fold-out couch that was the right length, but it came assembled and was too wide to squeeze down the basement stairs. So we began making the rounds of stores selling “condo furniture,” only to discover how pricey they can be.

Anyway, we finally found the right couch at a condo furniture store outside the downtown core. It’s a sectional that comes as six completely separate pieces that can be arranged in different ways.

sectional couchTo convert it into a bed, you just push the pieces together into a rectangle.

modular sectionalNow the basement is fully functional and enjoyable living space. We spend time down there every day (when we don’t have guests, that is – three guests have already passed through, and summer’s just beginning).

I love it!

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One Response to Rec room/guest room

  1. jbercasio says:

    where did you find that couch? i need one that fits all of the above.

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