The new floor arrives, and so does the dust

Happily, I won’t have to look at the ugly subfloor for long: the new hardwood is already snapping into place.

floorboards-back-bedroomI’m going with pre-finished oak. While one contractor warned me that pre-finished will never give you the perfect glassy sheen of wood that’s been finished in place, I just couldn’t face the thought of all that sanding and sealing, with the additional time, dust, and polyurethane fumes it would involve.

The pre-finished boards just snap neatly together –  which means that, as of the end of the first week of work, we already have a nice, finished-looking section of floor.

Prefinished hardwood flooring installationOf course, even without having the floor sanded on-site, dust is unavoidable. The boards still have to be cut to size, and sawdust is making its way all over the house.

Dust coating the stereo

Dust coating the stereo

I’m sneezing a lot, but I have to consider it short-term pain for long-term gain – at the end of all this, a carpet-free home should make it easier to keep my allergies under control.

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