New hardwood floors



The new hardwood floors are done. There’s new quarter-round along the baseboards, and the trim has been freshly painted.


At last!


I’m willing to entertain area rugs, but I NEVER want wall-to-wall carpet again!


Of course, now I’d love some new furniture to go with the sleek new floors…but I’ll have to wait for my budget to recover (or find some miraculous Craigslist scores).

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5 Responses to New hardwood floors

  1. Laurence says:

    That wood is stunning! What species is it? Its like beech but with a much more aggressive grain. Light and exotic.


  2. Shelley says:

    It looks lovely – warm and bright – what a difference!

  3. Sandra and Rod says:

    We have connected with your blog after my recent 407 journey (hence bill to your house) and LOVE it. This little home has memories of my daughter’s first steps and we put that wall-to-wall carpet in after she was born. I would have preferred any hardwood replacement- except we were also told the floors were on their last legs and with Sara crawling around, she didn’t need the nail heads sticking up! So we went the cost-effective carpet route and so glad it had its wear and is now replaced with the spectacular floor. It goes with the awesome basement. This 15′ wide house is getting maximum face lift – so exciting to see as it has great bones. Cheers from Ottawa.

    • Sandra says:

      So nice to hear from you, Sandra and Rod! You’re right, those old floors were on their last legs. The carpet did the trick for a while, but its time had come. We’re making the most of the little house. Hope Ottawa is treating you well!

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